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Histopathological diagnostics in Lademannbogen started in 1993 when the consultant histopathologist Dr Ernst-Rudolf Beckmann joined the clinical lab that had been established in 1983 by Dr Keeser, Professor Arndt and partners. To establish a histopathology service followed the idea of the founding partner Professor Rüdiger Arndt, who died in 2006, to unite the disciplines of laboratory medicine, microbiology, human genetics, coagulation and transfusion medicine and histopathology all under one umbrella in a multidisciplinary institution. Because of the rapidly and steadily increasing number of incoming specimens, it was necessary to increase the number of consultant staff after just two years. With the arrival of Prof. Sören Schröder in 1995 and of Dr Christiane Koeppen in 2001, the histopathology service expanded further, now also covering diagnostic work for various hospitals. In 2002 it was agreed to run the histopathology department as a separate and independent unit keeping the location. Based on a cooperation agreement, the clinical laboratory (now known as the Lademannbogen Laboratory) and the histopathology practice have since then worked closely together.

The steady increase in the number of specimens in the following years could be managed by the arrival of Dr Bernd Gromoll in 2011. The over the last 20 years already well established specialisation in GI-histopathology was reinforced by the arrival of Prof. Thomas Günther in 2012. The process of rejuvenation and the change of generation continued with the arrival of Dr Thorsten Venzke in 2014. In the same spirit and with the aim of widening the specialisation, the departure of Dr Beckmann, Dr Koeppen and Dr Gromoll and the arrival of Dr Maximilian Gebhard, Prof. Thomas Kalinski, Dr Rusudan Sreseli and Dr Sarah Comtesse in 2015, 2016 and 2018 marked the most extensive change in the consultant team to date. In 2015, we expanded our commitment as a place for histopathology training, which had been started in 1998, supervising up to four junior histopathologists.

The team of eight consultant histopathologists with decades of collective experience covers a broad diagnostic spectrum that is regularly expanded and deepened with lively exchange between colleagues. Consultations around the multiheaded microscope are part of our daily routine ensuring that patients with difficult diagnostic issues benefit from the complete body of experience in our practice.

In the non-medical area the number of personnel in our practice has also grown significantly from two part-time staff in 1993 to more than 30 employees, most of whom work full time. The stability of our team of employees and their personal satisfaction are reflected by the fact that several biomedical scientists and secretaries have worked in our practice for more than 10 years and some even for more than 15 years. In the lab, in cytodiagnostics and in administration, too, knowledge and expertise depend on personal experience. We are aware that we could not perform our work at the highest level without the expert knowledge and dedication of our staff. 



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