• Kooperation und Qualitätssicherung bei der Diagnose

    Diagnostic expertise 

    With eight consultant histopathologists, our department provides high level professional expertise which is regularly expanded and deepened thanks to a lively exchange between colleagues. Consultation around the multiheaded microscope is part of our daily routine enabling the pathologists to obtain a quick second opinion and to clarify difficult diagnostic cases. 

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    More than 100,000 cases every year

    Specimens from about 400 medical and dental clinics/practices and 20 hospitals and hospital departments are sent to our department. With a total number of about 80,000 histological and 30,000 cytological cases, we are one of the larger histopathology departments in Germany. 

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    Clinico-pathological dialogue 

    Because of its key role in diagnostics and treatment planning, histopathology is closely related to almost every other medical discipline. Thanks to the direct contact and ongoing dialogue with colleagues in hospitals and private practices, any diagnostic questions that may arise can be immediately dealt with, preventing delays in treatment. 

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    Highly qualified staff 

    Our pathologists are supported by a team of more than 30 non-medical staff, some of whom have been working in the department for more than 15 years. It is part of our quality standards that only fully trained and qualified biomedical scientists are appointed in our laboratories appreciating the fact that knowledge and expertise in the laboratory, in cytodiagnostics and in administration is based on personal skills. 

Welcome to our pathology practice in Hamburg

Thank you very much for your interest in our website. Here you can get information about our department and services as well as get in touch with us.

We cooperate with regional, national and international hospitals and clinics/private practices of almost every medical discipline, offering modern, quality assured histological and cytological diagnostic services with short turnaround time. The experience of eight consultant histopathologists and an ongoing exchange of scientific knowledge form the foundation of our diagnostic skills. The professional expertise as well as the high standard qualification of the more than 30 non-medical staff in the laboratory, in cytodiagnostics and administration have been formally recognised with accreditation by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle, DAkkS).

We would also like to illustrate the technical aspects of our work, describe our diagnostic specialties and present our most important cooperation partners. You will also get an idea of the logistics behind our diagnostic workflow, starting with the supply of specimen containers as part of our pick-up and delivery service and ending with the electronic transfer of the histological and cytological reports.


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