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Transport materials and forms 

We provide our clients with the necessary transport materials (e.g. containers filled with formalin in various sizes between 20 mL and 5 L or slides with the corresponding boxes) free of charge. Please place your order by telephone or fax directly to the dispatch department:

  • 0049 40 / 53805-139
  • 0049 40 / 53805-740

Materials request form

To place your order by fax, you can download the request form here: 

Accompanying request forms 

In addition to the transport containers, you receive packaging material for specimen transport and our request forms for histological/cytological examinations to record the clinical information. You can also download and print out the request forms:

Vasculitis request form

Information about preservation

The procedures used to preserve histological and cytological specimens are described in detail in the book chapter that can be downloaded here: 

Frozen sections: Dry transport (glass or plastic bottle), refrigerated (+4°C) for transport longer than 30 minutes.

Fixed specimens (biopsies and surgical specimens): Standard fixation in 4% formalin solution, ratio of 1 part tissue to 10 parts formalin solution.

Exfoliative and aspiration cytology: Air drying for May-Grünwald-Giemsa staining, e.g. for haematological analyses. Moist fixation of slides for all other staining (e.g. Papanicolaou for preventive gynaecological cytology) by immersing in 96% alcohol solution for 15 minutes or using a spray fixative followed by air drying for about 1 hour.

Urine, aspirated fluids, effusions: Transport of untreated specimens in a container of appropriate size for the volume (e.g. serum/urine tubes or containers of 10 mL or 100 mL). To prevent cytolysis, fixation 1:1 with 50% ethanol solution if the time between collecting the specimen and arrival in the laboratory exceeds 3 hours.

For histological and cytological specimens, clear identification of the specimen container is required. The identification includes the patient’s name, date of birth and, if several specimens are included from the same patient, consecutive numbering (as indicated on the request form). The request form that must accompany the specimens should include the following information:

  • Patient’s name, date of birth and address,
  • billing type (private/health insurance/hospital),
  • type of the specimen and location where it has been obtained from
  • clinical diagnostic details,
  • clinical questions,
  • name and address of the doctor or clinic/hospital submitting the specimen. 

Pick-up and delivery service 

We have access to a wide network of regional and national courier services that specialise in the correct and appropriate transport of medical specimens. For questions about our pick-up and delivery service, please contact the office of our transport service directly by telephone:

  • 0049 40 / 53805-408

When transporting diagnostic specimens by mail, please comply with the classification by risk groups. We provide suitable transport containers free of charge and also cover the postal fees.

Forwarding reports 

Our written reports are generally prepared, printed and validated with the signature of the evaluating specialist within 24 hours of receiving the specimen. We deliver signed reports using our courier service or by mail and, if required, additionally send the results using remote data transmission or fax. For paperless clinics/private practices, reports are sent by remote data transmission or fax only.

All reports of urgent cases are validated on screen immediately by the consultant and released online or by fax.


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